Sample Client Letter

FROM: Cori Fountain

SUBJ:  Thank You for your Time!

Dear <<Valued Client>>,

All of us at Integrity Direct would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with one of our Specialists about the importance of Longevity Planning. It is no secret that we Americans are living a lot longer today. We know that having conversations about preparing for the “what ifs” in life – like having major illnesses or tragic accidents, etc. — are very important, but can often be uncomfortable. So, we are very appreciative you took the time to discuss your goals, needs, wants, and concerns regarding Short and Long-Term Care Planning with a specialist.

It has been said…”what matters most to you, says the most about you.” The fact that you set aside time out of your busy schedule to have a conversation with a specialist on this topic says a lot. The fact that you also trusted your agent — who referred you to our program, with your best interests in mind – also says a lot. Whether you purchased a plan or not, your agent fulfilled a very important Fiduciary responsibility — and that says a lot about your agent and their stewardship. All of this surely says “the most about you,” because you recognized and took serious this hard fact: Neither you, nor any of us, can actually predict the future, but what we can do is very simple and straight forward… we can PLAN AHEAD for it.

Thanks, again, for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.


Cori Fountain
Customer Care Coordinator
Integrity Direct