Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Integrity LTC Direct?

We are wholly owned by Integrity Marketing Group — the leading Life and Health Insurance distributor in the United States. We service over 5 million Americans, we write in excess of over $2.5 Billion of insurance premium, placing over a million policies. We have written over $1 Billion of Long-Term Care Insurance and our specialists have between 10 and 30 years of longevity planning experience.

Do you cross sell my referrals outside of the Longevity program plans?

NO. Absolutely not. Not only contractually, but ethically we do not have any conversations or discuss with your referrals any subject other than what we have disclosed in our Referral Agreement — namely Long Term Care or Long Term Care-related solutions included within our Referral Program menu of companies.

How do I become a referral partner?

It takes just a couple minutes to sign up. Click here Get Started  Input your contact information, and you’re on your way — it is that easy.

How do I start the conversation with the person I want to refer?

We know that our Referral Partners will use this program to varying degrees – and that’s great!  You can choose to help your clients as you come across them in your daily routine – click below for tips. Or, you can help more people – and make even more income – by being more active in the program.  Visit Pro Tips below to see tips on making the MOST out of the Referral Program.

How do I get my referrals to Integrity Direct?

Once you have signed up to become a Referral Partner, you can easily submit your Referrals to us!

Click on Submit Referral, fill out the online form

How soon do I get paid on my referral fee?

We must have a valid W9 and complete current bank routing information for direct deposit of your Referral Fees on file prior to paying your Referral Fees.  Once we receive this documentation, Referral Fees will be paid once per calendar month for fees earned the prior calendar month. Click here for your W9 / Direct Deposit form.  Fax your completed form to 866-863-8608.

Is there a limit to the amount of referrals I can send over?

No, there is no limit. However, it is vital that we all maintain the integrity of the Partner Referral Program. Our end goal is to help more people and give our Partners generous income potential for submitting their referrals.  Please follow our TIPS, because the better you prepare your Referral for the contact from our Longevity Specialist, the more success you will realize from the partnership.

Can I become a Longevity Specialist?

Yes!  If you’re a licensed insurance agent, we would love to speak with you about possibilities.  If you just want to learn how to sell Longevity Planning products and help more people, we can teach you how to make that happen!  If you’re a seasoned agent, and would like to explore the opportunity of becoming one of our Longevity Planning Specialists, we’d love to chat as well.  Just Email Us or call us at 888-306-9217!

What can I expect to earn by being a referral partner?

This program was designed to allow Partners to earn substantial income, based on their utilization of the program. Partners who submit just 1-2 good referrals a month can earn between $1000-$2000 per month, depending on the products placed. Partners who really become proactive and make the effort like we describe in our Partnership Pro Tips, could earn in excess of $60,000 extra income per year just by providing 4-6 good referrals per month– that could be as few as 2-3 couples!


Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Example:
You refer a 65-year old couple from Illinois. With the help of our specialist, they decide to protect themselves by purchasing long-term care policies with average annual premiums…

You receive $1,200 Referral Fee