Program Tips

Tips for Referral Success!

When referring, keep in mind, our Longevity Planning Specialists have 4 objectives.   The more information you can provide our Specialists the better we can assist them.

The more information you can provide us, the better chance our Specialist will have of properly helping and protecting your referral. Here are some tips of how you can help:


Providing things like how many children and/or grandchildren they have – and where they live – are a great help to start the conversation. Even little things like their favorite hobbies, vacation spots, or even their favorite color can all be helpful insights to help increase rapport and start warm conversations.

Our Longevity Planning Specialists won’t need a lot of extra help from you in this area.  We pride ourselves on consistently providing only professional, accurate and honest education and protection recommendations. Of course, relaying your confidence in our Specialists to your referrals is always a great help and appreciated.

If you can provide information about any long term care experiences either the referral themselves or someone they knew have had, it can prove to be extremely valuable in personalizing the conversation and need building.

Any and all specifics regarding an individual’s age, medications, build and family history, will enable our specialists to help eliminate certain longevity planning solutions that are not a good fit. Consequently, they can lead and PERSUADE with the right strategy that is the most appropriate, personalized and customized.

Don’t feel obligated if you don’t have information in all four areas, just do your best and we will do the rest.


Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Example:
You refer a 65-year old couple from Illinois. With the help of our specialist, they decide to protect themselves by purchasing long-term care policies with average annual premiums…

You receive $1,200 Referral Fee