How It Works

Why choose our Integrity Direct Longevity Planning Referral Program?

  • The need for education about longevity planning has NEVER been greater
  • You don’t have to become a Longevity Planning Specialist
  • No Carrier Contracts, Product Certifications, Annual Partnership Training, State DOI Appointments, etc.
  • Our Specialists Work Directly With Your Referrals – Increasing Number of Successful Outcomes
  • Gender, Age, Health, Resources, and Individual Needs Determine Unbiased Recommendation
  • Set Group of Longevity Planning Products – NO Cross-Selling or List-Sharing Commitment
  • Service & Privacy – Permanent Notes of Each Client Kept in Our Secure CRM
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Met By Having Necessary Longevity Planning Conversation
  • If you’re an Agent/Advisor your Liability is Covered with Client Communication Letter – Regardless if Product Placed
  • Enjoy Generous Referral Fees While You Sleep, Play or Work on Other Priorities


Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Example:
You refer a 65-year old couple from Illinois. With the help of our specialist, they decide to protect themselves by purchasing long-term care policies with average annual premiums…

You receive $1,200 Referral Fee
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