Why choose our Integrity Direct Longevity Planning Referral Program?

We Americans are living longer than ever before.  This increase in longevity comes with many important decisions associated with today’s longer life expectancy.  Longevity Planning integrates health care, financial management, and personal life goals into a strategy that is geared to enhance the security and dignity of each individual’s mature years.

The need for extended health care as we age is the number one unplanned, unfunded financial liability exposure Americans face today.  Lack of proper Longevity Planning is a HUGE problem. With the aging of America and the increasing concerns about our senior social programs, the need for proper education and planning has never been greater.

Our simple, turn-key program is designed to not only help your clients, colleagues, family members or friends find suitable protection, but also to fulfill agent’s important fiduciary responsibility their clients expect and deserve. Strengthen the trust and goodwill between you and your valuable clients by giving them access to Longevity Planning Specialists who will professionally act on your behalf offering ONLY the Integrity Direct Longevity products!

  • The need for education about longevity planning has NEVER been greater
  • You don’t have to become a Longevity Planning Specialist
  • No Carrier Contracts, Product Certifications, Licensing, Annual Partnership Training, State DOI Appointments, etc.
  • Our Specialists Work Directly With Your Referrals – Increasing Number of Successful Outcomes
  • Gender, Age, Health, Resources, and Individual Needs Determine Unbiased Recommendation
  • Set Group of Longevity Planning Products – NO Cross-Selling or List-Sharing Commitment
  • Service & Privacy – Permanent Notes of Each Client Kept in Our Secure CRM
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Met By Having Necessary Longevity Planning Conversation
  • Agent/Advisor Liability Covered with Referral Communication Letter – Regardless if Product Placed
  • Enjoy Generous Referral Fees While You Sleep, Play or Work on Other Priorities
Integrity Direct Longevity Planning


Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Example:
You refer a 65-year old couple from Illinois. With the help of our specialist, they decide to protect themselves by purchasing long-term care policies with average annual premiums…

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