Sample Phone Script

Sample Conversation Starter 1

Bob, this is a courtesy call, I wanted to see how you and Mary are doing?” (Ask about family or hobby etc., then pivot) “I was reviewing your file and noticed that one of the areas we’ve talked previously about, but never really looked into, was the area of Longevity Planning. I now partner with a service that can look into all the various Long-Term Care solutions and determine what’s right for you… or even IF anything out there is right for you.

I wanted to run this by you and let you know that I can have a Longevity Planning Specialist reach out to you. They have just a brief conversation with you and provide information and a no obligation quote. These are people I trust and know will treat you fair and not try to force you into anything. I know I have handled all your *Medicare* needs and Longevity Planning is an area I don’t personally specialize in. But, there are two reasons why I am bringing this subject up…. One, to make sure in the event of a catastrophic illness or tragic accident you’re covered and protected…. And, two, I’ve got to do my due diligence and protect MYSELF. Down the road… if any of your children or other family members ask, I can have it documented that I was a resource and offered assistance in this area. Seriously, even if you don’t find a solution that fits… or if you find you don’t need any of the solutions, we can at least document that you had a conversation with a specialist. With so many people living longer, I’m trying to make sure that I ask ALL my clients to have this conversation. 

Bob, you have been a valued customer for a long time and because of this growing Long-Term Care concern, I wanted to share that as my clients are aging, I see it more and more…. Clients who never thought anything could happen, saw their health change in a New York minute and they were just not prepared. I sure hope that nothing like that would ever happen to you, Bob. But, I know I would feel better if you just had that conversation with one of the specialists on my team. You may be sitting in great shape and have no need to worry, but it’s like getting a second opinion. Whether you’ve already purchased some coverage or if you haven’t got anything, at least you’ll know based on your current age, health and budget, what types of solutions are available, so you can be empowered to make an informed decision.”

“Bob, because how busy this team is working with some of my other clients, expect a call within a couple days. Is there a preferred day or time that works best for you? I know you golf on Wednesdays. I can make them aware.”  

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