Sample Phone Script

Sample Conversation Starter 2

Recently, I’ve had several clients ask me about concerns they were having about getting older and living a long life….  They were worried about their health changing along the way. They’d heard about the huge out-of-pocket costs associated with long-term care services and they wondered what solution I would recommend to help protect their assets and keep their options open.

“As you know, I’m a Medicare (or other) Specialist. But, because I know this is such an important topic, I’ve partnered up with a company that has some great Longevity Planning Specialists. These specialists are unbiased and can teach you everything you need to know about Long-Term Care and the importance of Longevity Planning…  plus, they’re great about customizing solutions to really fit your true needs. 

“Usually, a specialist will have a short conversation with you to determine what you’re most concerned about… to find out your goals, needs, wants and such.  Then, they share with you what they think may be the best path forward – personalized for your situation. The best part is they’ll provide you this information for FREE… with no obligation, because I’m referring them to you.

“The company is Integrity Direct, and I’m really glad I’m partnering with them on behalf of you and my other clients.  They do this full service over the phone… so nobody has to come into your house, make you feel uncomfortable, or have you feel pressured in any way.

“I’ll promise you this, _(name)______…. Just as you trust me with your Medicare (or other) needs because I am an expert in that area, you can trust them to give you good advice and straight answers to help you make an informed decision on what’s right for you. I trust them or I wouldn’t be telling you about them. But, because they’re good… they’re very busy. It may take a day or two for them to contact you.

“This is a harmless, but really smart move for you, _(name)______. Can I have one of these specialists reach out to you? I can tell them what day of the week or even time of the day is best for you, if you have a preference… do you? (wait)

“Great! I want to make sure you’re getting the same level of service and support that I would give you in the Medicare (other) area. I can’t be a specialist in this Longevity area — but luckily, Integrity Direct is…. This FREE service is the best way I can stay involved and make sure — as one of my valued clients – you’re taken care of.